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Rehearsal Plan for Nov 12, 2019

As an important reminder, our concert date is a bit later than usual this year (AS YOU ALL ALREADY KNOW and have known for many months) – but I thought it was worth a mention here:


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2019, 4:00 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church (upstairs in the sanctuary).

We will have our harpist, Franziska on BOTH Tuesday (12/17) and Thursday (12/19) rehearsals – the week before the concert. All mandatory. All worthwhile and useful!

For 11/12, here is your rehearsal plan, as follows:

  • A Ceremony of Carols: ALL movements from here on out.
  • An Advent Carol: run the whole piece as review.
    I found a recording (SATB): (nice melodic structure). Hope it helps. Not perfect, faulty intonation (don’t learn that!) but lovely.
  • Winter Solstice: Movement II. These nights pass slowly…measures 17 – 30, plus review of the beginning and MOVEMENT I
  • Berakhot, Letter D, measure 46 to the end. WHOLE PIECE review.
  • El Noi de la Mare: whole piece.
  • Maria walks amid the thorn and The Holly and the Ivy. REVIEW.
  • Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal. Whole piece review.
  • anything else we can get to.



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