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Rehearsal Plan for Oct 29, 2019

Thank you for your engagement with Jill Dreeben and the "body mapping" work she did. I thought here insights on breathing, tension and posture were invaluable. I hope that Jill can come back at some point and spend some time answering more of your questions. It is impossible to put her 2 hour session into practice immediately – without tons of repetition. But what a wonderful start.


For Tuesday, we are back to traditional rehearsal, as follows:

  • A Ceremony of Carols:
    • "In Freezing Winter Night" – I find this movement to be devilishly difficult. NOT obvious, close, battling harmonies, intonation pitfalls, etc…
    • "There is no Rose" – going for the difficulties again. 
    • "Balulalow" – supporting the soloist; yet emerging with important thematic material; short yet difficult.
    • If time, "Procession," opening chant.
  • An Advent Carol: whole piece; oh, that unison material. The melody is ALWAYS unexpected. 
  • Winter Solstice: measures 97-129, review from the beginning.
  • Berakhot, Letter D, measure 46 to the end. WHOLE PIECE review.

OK. That is a lot of material. I am going to try to move quickly! Lots of listening links and resources – please use them. Below, a translation, as requested…


See you on Tuesday! Jane


Here is a modern English translation:

"There is no rose" 


There is no rose of such vertu (There is no rose of such virtue)

As is the rose that bare Jesu. (As is the rose that bore Jesus.)

Alleluia (Alleluia 🙂)


For in this rose conteined was [For inside the Rose (called Mary)]

Heaven and earth in litel space, [Were heaven and earth in a single, little space.]

Res miranda. [Marvelous (or wondrous) thing.]


By that rose we may well see 

There be one God in persons three,

Pares forma. [Equal in nature or form.]

The aungels sungen the shepherds to [The angels sang to the shepherds,]

Gloria in excelsis Deo, [Glory to God in the highest!]

Gaudeamus. [Let us rejoice.]


Leave we all this werldly merth [Leave we all this wordly mirth,]

And follow we this joyous birth, [And follow we this joyful birth.]

Transeamus. [Let us pass over or let us go across.]




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