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Soprano 1 Rehearsal Notes

In the Glow of the Moon
  • m40: F on in, review
  • m36-48: review the entrance and exit points to each phrase
  • m36: D need to be higher
  • m61 Gb
  • m70: G-Ab-Bb
Winter Solstice (movement 2)
  • m11: last note is Eb
  • M12: E natural at end needs to be higher
  • Next week beginning to m30
Ceremony of Carols
This Little Babe
  • m24: pitched d on beat 3, watch
  • m28: put z on beat 3
  • sing in your body, don’t push
  • M63, 65, 67: no breath, stagger as needed
  • m53: lift after fight, put t of fight on beat 3
  • m56: pight – open ah vowel
There is no rose
  • m42-50: practice, keep pitches up

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