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Soprano 1 Rehearsal Notes Nov 19 2019

El Noi de la Mare

  • keep the flow
  • keep descending pitches up throughout
  • m47: D and F need to be higher
  • m55-57: G and F need to be higher
  • m91: note sub p
  • tam-pa-tan-tam: accent first syllable, close to the m

Maria walks…

  • m21 & 31: C# needs to be higher
  • m73: lift after beat 2, release up

The Holly and the Ivy

  • m100: review pitches
  • don’t accent the pickup notes to phrases

An Advent Carol

  • creamy
  • back off on the entrance to each phrase

Hark, I hear…

  • m4: off on beat 2
  • m31: keep pitches higher
  • m48: F needs to be higher, sing forte minus

In the Glow…

  • keep it light
  • don’t slow, keep it moving

Winter solstice, movement 2

  • m20-29: watch for tempo change
  • m31: pitch of G


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