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Soprano 2 Rehearsal Notes

Advent Carol:

No internal r’s, e.g. m. 7 in burn, m. 13 in deferred 
Pg. 5: less note-to-note, more of a melodic line
M. 33-34: pitch G and Ab as high as possible. Outer parts will tune to us on unison Ab.
M. 28: strong K on “back”, but don’t let it slow things down
M. 20: get to “ah” vowel on downbeat and don’t fish for the pitch on “w” of “one”
M. 27: syllable with the most emphasis should be the long e in “evil”

Winter Solstice I:

M. 98: flip r on “crawl”
M. 101-102: The ending S sound should be on beat 2 of 102
Splits on pp 17-18: bottom: Rowena, Susan A, Susan (M?), Linde, Leann. Everyone else on top.
Pp 17-18: close to “m” of “dream“ only at m. 124. Altos close it at other places, but we do not.
Back off on unison Ab in m. 110
M. 66-67: be light on word “a” and crescendo into downbeat

A Ceremony of Carols:

Balulalow (pg 19):

M. 42-45: sing this counterpart confidently (not loudly)
M. 47-49: A#s need to be higher (long vowel, lots of support)
Breath in m.44
Pp. 20-21: when watching Jane, be aware she will move between 6/4 and 3/2 (and back to 6/4)

There is no Rose (pg 11):

M. 4-5: no internal r on “virtue” and second syllable is “too,” not “choo”
M. 3: no r in “there” and don’t swoop into the “th” 
Vowel “eh” should be on downbeat
M. 6: “Jeezu”
Page turn to pg 12: be prepared for quarter rest in m. 11
M. 34: Gahdeamus (no diphthong)

In Freezing Winter Night (pg 39):

First word is “bihold”
Sections that are pp are still intense
M. 15: “ah” vowel on “full” with almost no L
M. 10: super light, keep it moving 
M. 9: we can mouth last note of measure and let altos sing it, because of huge leap
M. 15: glottal on “inns”
M. 20: breath after “beasts”
M. 21-22: keep Fs super high on either side of high G, and long open “ah” on “shroud” (no dipthong)
New breath added in m. 28
Breath after “pomp” in m. 32, but don’t slam into pickup note
Don’t attempt ffz in m. 39; it will happen naturally

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