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Soprano 2 Rehearsal Notes

In the Glow of the Moon

“Tune” is always pronounced “tyune”.

P. 11, M. 68 – This is very breathy.

P. 14, M. 88 – We’re cut off before the 1st sopranos

Winter Solstice, Movement 2

The D in M. 11 at the bottom of p. 20 and the C# in M. 12 at the top of P. 21 are the same note.

P. 21, M. 12  – breathe at the end of the measure. In M. 12 & 13, there is no R sound in “earth”  – it should be “uhth”.

Ceremony of Carols:

This Little Babe

Avoid internal R’s, or use flipped R’s – the pronunciation should be very British.

P. 30, M. 17 – “Surprise” is “surprahs” with no dipthong.

P. 31, M. 21 – “Fights” should be “fahts” with no dipthong.

P. 32,  M. 30 – No breath after “Need”. M. 33 – Don’t put too much emphasis on “steed”.

P. 34, M. 49 – “Sound” is “sahnd” with no dipthong.

P. 35, M. 53 – Breathe after “fight”. M. 56 – “”pight” is “paht” with no dipthong.

There are no group breaths on P. 36 – stagger breaths if needed, but not in obvious places. “Con slancio” means with enthusiasm, but restrained.


Sing very softly.

There is no “H” sound at the beginning of “Hodie”.

P. 2, M. 6 – The breath mark in “Deo” is shown in the wrong place, it should be after the “o”.

Wolcum Yole!

The word is “Wolcum”, not “Welcome”.

There is no Rose

P. 11, M. 6 – “Jesu” is pronounced “Gee-zu”. M. 8 & 10 – slight crescendo on the “lu” of “Alleluia”, then back off.

P. 12, M. 11 – Note the rest at the beginning of the measure, and keep the dynamic Piano.

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