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Sprano 2 Rehearsal Notes

Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal

P. 3 – there is no R sound at the end of “shore” and “near”.

P. 4 & 5, M.9 – 16 – This has a very militaristic sound – NOT legato.

P. 6, M. 26. – Breathe at the end of the measure. M. 28 – Breathe after “lamb”, get off on 2.

P. 8, M. 40 – Get off on the second beat of the measure.

P. 9, M. 48 – Make the dynamic Forte minus, and keep the pitches up.

When singing Hallelujah, sing Ha-lle-lu-jah, not Hal-le-lu-jah.

In the Glow of the Moon

Sing lightly, keep the lines flowing, and don’yt put too much weight on the pickups.

Don’t linger on the L in “glow”.

An Advent Carol

 Keep it creamy – long, soft, and in the body.

El Noi de la Mare

P. 5, M. 24 – Nous is pronounced “nawos” (like house or mouse).

P. 4, M. 7 & 11 – Close to the M on “tam” immediately – also close to the M on the “tam” in M. 6 on p. 3.

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